Executive Committee

The 40th Executive Committee of the Student Association


           Our union is called ‘Clarity’, which also means ‘clear’ and ‘easy to understand’. Our role is not only to be a party that is supervised by the school, but to also be a self-governed organization which helps share student ideas, interests and concerns with the school-wide community. We choose this word as the name of our cabinet because of the following few reasons.

          First of all, we would like to use clarity of mind to improve the school environment and make students’ lives more convenient.  We also wish to increase students’ sense of belonging to the school and ensure that every student can get what they need and want.

          Second, our hope, is simple and easy to understand.  By providing tens of thousands of opportunities for students, they will be able to benefit from new things. Thus, our students can enrich their six-year-school-lives through going on plenty of adventures and making amazing memories.

          Next, being a bridge of communication between students and the school, we aim to boost better communication. For example, we collect the ideas from students and report students’ wants. We will always put student wants and desires before anything else. We will always make sure that students’ hopes and fears do not fall onto deaf ears. Aside from communicating with the school on what students want, we will make sure that students’ hopes will be clarified through our reports, speeches and lectures. Thus, the understanding between each other can be advanced and students’ sense of belonging can be gradually increased. Whatever we do, we will work to maintain and promote the school's reputation, prestige and authority. 

         Moreover, we want to settle on-campus disputes by disseminating the proposals of our union, clarity. There are many arguments in the school. We hope to solve these problems by offering solutions and taking away the sources of conflict.

         As mentioned above, the word ‘clarity’ encapsulates our aims. We are the Student Association proposed Cabinet in the coming academic year (2019-2020), ‘Clarity’.

         As this year’s Student Association Executive Committee we will abide by the constitution of the Valtorta College Student Association.

         In addition to following these rules, we will be guided by several principles.  They are:

C____ creativity       
L____ loyalty           
A____ attitude         
R____ responsibility
I_____ Identity        
T____ teamwork      
Y____ youth             


             Firstly, we will use our creativity to create plenty of activities and come up with meaningful welfare proposals in order to provide a better learning environment and atmosphere for students.

             Secondly, we are going to serve the school and all our schoolmates loyally, with all of our time and effort.  We promise to utilize our time efficiently and effectively so as to contribute more to our students.

             Thirdly, we will maintain a professional and friendly attitude during the whole term of our service. When tempers are running high, we will resolve the issues causing them.  We will do our best to be role models so that students might learn from our attitude and behaviour.

             Fourthly, it is our responsibility to provide desirable services to the school and all our students.  We will take any complaints seriously and respond to them.  Though there may be stressful situations where we are accused of doing something or not doing something, we will handle each incident with maturity.

             Fifthly, we will always bear in mind our unique identity. Being a bridge of communication between the school and our schoolmates will definitely not be a simple task.  We would like to try our best to do so and achieve as much result as possible.

             Sixthly, we all know the importance of teamwork. Working together will help us face all kinds of obstacles and difficulties.  In addition, it can also increase our productivity in order to serve the school and our students better.  We will stick together as a team and coordinate our efforts.

             Finally, we are willing to help all our students in Valtorta College (including our own committee members) to create plenty of memories in Valtorta College so that everyone can enjoy their youth.


List of committee members




Wong Ho Ming 5D

Internal Vice-Chairperson

Lee Sze Man  5C

External Vice-Chairperson

So Ming Ching 5C


Yiu Sin Yu 5C
Kwan Tsz Yan 5A


Lau Pak Hei 5A
 Chan Tsz Ting Gloria 5B

Recreation Officer 

Lau Tak Wai 5B
Chung Chi Hang 4D
Mak Tin Yan 4D

Welfare Officer

Chan Yuk Chiu 5A
Cheng Mei Yi  4B

Publicity Officer

Sean Cheung 5B
Cheung Ka Wai 5A
Yu Job Him Lam 5C

General Affairs Officer

Mau Ka Lai 5C
Fong King Kiu 5C
Chan Long Sang 5C


Teacher advisors: Mr. Yeung Wai Kee, Ms Chu Kin Yu, Mr. Hoggard, Alexander Blaine

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