Executive Committee

The 42nd Executive Committee of the Student Association

We design our logo with a gear surrounding the word “S”, the gear represents cooperation. Gear is often the connecting set of wheels that controls the movement of two machines. Synergy wants to become the connecting part of our school and students so we choose the gear to be our logo. “S” in the middle of the gear stands for students as the word “students” starts with “s”. We suppose that the students are the service objects of us and the school. The yellow spot and the red spot represent us and the school respectively. Yellow means happiness and optimism, we serve our schoolmates with gaiety and never give up even when facing difficulties. Yellow color is at the head of the letter “S” . It means that we are willing to lead the students in terms of welfare as well as  activities. Red means love and care. Valtortan is a big family full of passionate love. The red spot is placed at the end of “S”, it indicates that students can lean on the school when they want to quit. Besides, we want to emphasize our serving target, students, so the other letters are not accentuated.

We are united.
We are a team.
We try our best to serve the Valtortans


Slogan of our cabinet 

Synergy-show the best of me
Synergy-rise above the sea
Synergy 為你帶來新主意
Synergy 與你站在同一線



Name meaning




Overall concept

S stands for students. We hope that students can be the most important part of our school. We serve them as the core of the school. We provide creative activities for students of different categories to enrich their experience of our schoolmates.

Y stands for yearning. We yearn to make a change at our school, to make it a better place for students to gain knowledge. By providing welfare and holding a variety of activities, we wish to create an enjoyable learning experience for students.

N stands for negotiation. We take every opinion from our fellow schoolmates into consideration. During the process of negotiation, we reflect the needs and demands with the school. As the bridge between students and the school, there is a duty of us to connect both sides that make the relationship of the school closer. Discussing and co-operating are important to us.

E stands for enthusiasm. Being the students of Valtorta College, we are enthusiastic about the school. We will do our best to serve all the students, to bring a unique, memorable and enjoyable school year to everyone.

R stands for responsibility. We have the responsibility to improve the quality of students’ school life and connect students with our school. As a result, we can improve together!

G stands for gregariousness. Synergy is a united team. Members always enjoy discussing new suggestions to improve the school. We are working as a dependent team to serve all the members in the school.We will do our best to make the school become even better.

Synergy, name of our Student Association. In the dictionary, synergy means the combined power of a group of things when they are working together that is greater than the total power achieved by each working separately. When our members work together, alongside all the schoolmates, we hope to have an ideal school campus for all of us.


List of committee members




  5D Lo Chi Lai

Internal Vice-Chairperson

  5B Cheng Chun Hei

External Vice-Chairperson

  5B Lo Tsz Kiu


  5C Cheng Hong Nam

  5C Leung Cheuk Lam Cherrie


  5A Cheung Yee Man

  5B Lai Wan Gi, Jolie

Academic Officer

  5C Lo Kin Long

  5B Leung Ho Fung 

Recreation Officer

  5A Chui Wai Pan Geoffrey 

  5B Chan Lok Tung

  5B Wong Wai Chak

Welfare Officer

  5B Law Ka Wai

  5C Liu Shun Hei

  5C Cheung Chun Ho

Publicity Officer

  5A Wong Tsun Hin

  5B Cheung Wing Tsun

General Affairs Officers

  5A Au Yeung Chung

  5B Chu Chun Ming

  5C Chow Lok Hei


Teacher advisors: Mr. Ho Sai Cheong, Ms Chu Kin Yu, Mr. Hoggard Alexander Blaine and Ms Poon Hoi Man

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