The 43rd Executive Committee of the Student Association



We are Polaris. Polaris is the name of the North Star, which was traditionally used by ancient sailors to navigate the seven seas. True to our name, we are like a beacon, shining in the darkness, guiding the way for our students, helping them create a better future. The location of Polaris is nearly fixed, just like how our intention of helping our schoolmates will never waver. We will strive for excellence to create a better school life for students and undertake the responsibilities of becoming the bridge between the school and the students. As our slogan says, “Polaris, shining in darkness! Polaris, guiding with brightness!”



To become the bridge between the students and the school

We will collect student’s opinions and reflect on them from both the student’s and the school’s perspective. After a thorough analysis, we will suggest some ideas and policies to the school to improve our students’ school life. Communication is imperative to forming a healthy relationship between anyone, and we aim to become that communication link between students and teachers and to create a win-win situation for every party involved.


To create a better school life to our students

       We want to provide a better learning environment and atmosphere for our students by striving for more welfare both inside and outside of the school. Having a better learning environment helps students feel more satisfied in their school life and performance. Also, we will hold a variety of activities in order to help students develop different abilities like problem solving skills, communication skills and leadership skills. We also want to provide more opportunities for our students to showcase their talents and explore their potential through the activities we will hold.


Our promise

      We promise to strive for excellence to serve our students, and try our best to undertake our responsibilities. We will make every effort to provide a plentiful school life for our students.



P — PROMISE: we promise to serve the students and follow the Valtortan attributes: HEART. We will work hard, strive for excellence, be affectionate, fulfill responsibilities and be thoughtful. We will use these traits to form an ideal school environment for everybody.
O — OPPORTUNITY: we will provide opportunities for students to shine and discover themselves, such as competitions and talent shows. We will also grab onto every opportunity to help and benefit the student body, as the students’ satisfaction is our priority.

L — LUMINARY: we will strive for excellence to become the students’ luminary, their inspiration and guide. We also wish to bring out the best in every student, letting them see their own merits.
A — ALTRUISM: Student Association members’ duty is to serve the students, so we will be thoughtful, affectionate and selfless, and do our best to better the school lives of Valtortans.
R — RELIABILITY: we wish to gain the students’ trust and show everyone we are capable and responsible, and that they can rely on us.
I — IMPROVEMENT: we will work hard to make improvements and move forward with the students in our quest for excellence. We will not shy away from constructive criticism.
S — STUDENTS: there wouldn’t be a Student Association without students, so the S stands for students, our service targets. S can also stand for sailor, likening our students to the fearless navigators of the seas. Without sailors to discover new land and help with trading, our world would be much more primitive. Our students is what makes this school a better place, and Polaris will work hard to guide the student body to a brighter future.


Logo of our cabinet

Our logo is inspired by the nautical, “space-core” and retro aesthetics. Since Polaris has been used by sailors for navigation for centuries, we decided to incorporate a compass needle into the logo, alluding to our cabinet’s goal of being our schoolmate’s guide. The five stars in the inner circle represent our schoolmates, as each and every one of them are as bright and special as the stars in the sky. They are also in the inner circle because students are our priority, so we will always keep them close to our hearts. The warm colors are inspired by the 50’s/60’s American retro aesthetic. We want to coney to students a sense of warmth, familiarity, coziness and nostalgia. Through these feelings we want to appear welcoming and reliable.



Slogan of our cabinet

Polaris, shining in darkness!

Polaris, guiding with brightness!

Polaris, 散發光茫齊同行!

Polaris, 領航共創新可能!

List of committee members



Class and names



F5 Sze Yan Yan


External vice-chairperson

F5 So Kwan Hing


Internal vice-chairperson

F4 Leung Pak Ning



F4 Ho Kin Pong


F5 Chan Wing To




F4 Lo Zimen


F5 Tang Hoi Lam


F5 Feng Lai Yin Laura


Recreation officers

F4 Chu Pui Kwan


F4 Leung Sum Che


Welfare officers

F5 Fung Nga Shun


F5 So Wun Fung


Publicity officers

F4 Lai Chun Hei


F4 Kong Lok Hang


General affairs

F5 Sham Lok Ping


F5 Sun Chak Yin


Teacher advisors: Mr. Ho Sai Cheong, Ms Chu Kin Yu, Mr. Hoggard Alexander Blaine, Ms Poon Hoi Man and Ms Chow Tsz Yin

  • “Whoever has a desire to be first among you, let him take the lowest place.” (Matthew20:27)
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