English Drama Competition Stories on Stage

2021-03-26 (Friday)
Category : School Activity
Valtorta College beat 29 teams to get 1st place in the English Drama Competition Stories on Stage

Students pictured from left to right

F2       LUK MAN CHI
F3       FENG LAI YIN LAURA              (Team Captain)
F2       LEE LOK HIM

Despite the challenges presented by Covid, the Stories on Stage competition organized by the EDB NET section was able to go ahead this year.  A total of 29 teams from 19 schools took part.  Although the competition was fierce and although the quality of all submitted work was fantastic, the team from Valtorta College was able to edge out their rivals and secure first place.  We congratulate the students on their victory and are sure they will use the book coupons they won to further strengthen their mastery of the English language.  Details of the eight shortlisted teams are below.

Award               School/Team                                                  Title of Script/Short Story
First                   Valtorta College                                              Adapted from 'Systems' by Charles Yu
Second              True Light Girls' College (Team A)                  Adapted from 'The Copy' by Paul Jennings
Third                  St Paul's College (Team A)                             Adapted from 'The Pop-up' by Adrian Tilley

Merits                Bishop Hall Jubilee School (Team A)              Adapted from 'The Selfish Giant' Oscar Wilde
                          Bishop Hall Jubilee School (Team C)              Adapted from 'The Pop-up' by Adrian Tilley
                          Bishop Hall Jubilee School (Team D)              Adapted from 'The Pop-up' by Adrian Tilley
                          HK & Kln Chiu Chow Public Association SS    Adapted from 'Journey to the West' by Doctor Strange
                          True Light Girls' College (Team B)                   Adapted from 'The Golden Phoenix' in Shorts 2010 - 2014, NET Section, EDB

  • 在天主前沒有不能的事。 (路1:37)
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