Valtorta College’s English Debate Team Crowned Champion

2021-02-24 (Wednesday)
Category : School Activity

We are delighted to make the following announcement.  On the 24th of February, 2021, Valtorta College’s English debating team was given the following award: Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competition 2020-2021 Term 1 NT Junior Division II Champion.

The students brought their language abilities and logical thinking skills to bear and crafted persuasive and ultimately winning arguments in hotly contested matches.  Using their quick wit, skills and talents, the team won engagements against HKMA K S Lo College, STFA Leung Kau Kui College and STFA Tam Pak Yu College.  We are certain that the transferrable skills learnt preparing, marshalling and presenting arguments will serve them well as they move up to the senior form in the 2021-2022 academic year.   

The team members who represented the school are:

F3: Sham Lok Ping, Teresa (1st Speaker)
F3: Tse Simone (2nd Speaker)
​F3: Feng Lai Yin, Laura (3rd Speaker)

We wish the team the best of luck in the second term.

  • Being of the same mind, with the same love,united in heart, thinking one thing.(Phil 2:2)
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