VC Mooncake Box Collection 2019-2020

Date : 2019-11-01 (Friday)
Activity Category : School Activity

The 2019-2020 Interclass Mooncake Box Collection Competition co-organized by the BAFS and Geography Departments was successfully held after the Mid-Autumn Festival. Over 400 mooncake boxes were collected and recycled. This activity helped reduce solid waste, raised students’ environmental awareness and helped in the fight for sustainable development.


Through this competition, we were able to practice one of the core values held dearly by Catholic schools – Family. We were also able to develop students’ generic skills through organizing and participating in whole school activities and were able to put textbook knowledge into practice.


The winners of the competition are:






1st Runner-Up


2nd Runner-Up


Merit Award in Junior Forms


Merit Award in Senior Forms




The mooncake boxes collected were used as dominoes and stacked in a creative way to send a meaning message. Click the link below to view the video!



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