VC students as the memebers of the Hong Kong Bridge Team (U21)

Date : 2019-03-27 (Wednesday)
Activity Category : School Activity
Valtorta College Bridge Team won the competition in the first heat and finals in the Hong Kong APBF Youngster Team Trials Competition (香港選拔賽) in January and February 2019 respectively. As the winners of this competition, the Bridge Team is going to represent Hong Kong to take part in the Australian Bridge Federation-Asia Pacific Bridge Federation (APBF) zone 6 to be held in Bangkok, Thailand in April 2019. It is a great honor for our outstanding students to participate in such an international competition as the members of the Hong Kong Team (U21). The school team members are:

F.2 Leung Dik Sun
F.4 Chan Man Kit
F.4 Kan Chun Yu Matthew
F.4 Kung Ka Chun

Valtorta College Bridge Team attributes the success to their daily training and their enthusiasm participating in different competitions. Their achievement is worthy of our congratulations.


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