Speedy Rubber-band propelling car competition

2018-05-04 (Friday)
Category : School Activity
We have a STEM activity - “Speedy Rubber-band Propelling Car Competition” for our Form One students on the Experiential Day on 4th May, 2018. Students brought their recycling materials back and designed their own fascinating rubber-band driven cars which were expected to be able to run the fastest and furthest. Science teachers had prepared students with the concepts on making the rubber-band propelling car by using video clips.

On that day, students in their classes worked in groups to draw the design of their cars. Then they used different tools such as electric drills, hot glue guns, cutters and so on to make their cars. They also brought plastic bottles, paper boxes, wooden chopsticks and they spent an hour to make their cars. After many trials and modifications, they measured the maximum speed and distance ran by the car and recorded their results by iPads. Finally a competition for all classes was held. The activity was full of challenges and happiness. Although some groups could not successfully ran the car but they were satisfied with the efforts they put. Many students found the activity helpful in promoting collaboration work and friendship amongst classmates.

  • “Whoever has a desire to be first among you, let him take the lowest place.” (Matthew20:27)
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