23-11-23 Book Sharing by Wu Pandy Pui Ching - Steve Jobs


23-11-15 汲古通今──蝴蝶谷讀寫文學營


23-11-15 Respect for others


23-11-3 Promotion of English Society


23-11-3 Book Sharing on 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time'


23-11-3 F6 Tsin Yu Hei

23-10-19 國旗下的講話:中國傳統文化


23-10-11 香港故宮學生文化大使活動分享


23-10-11 Joint School Macua Pilgrimage


23-9-28 國旗下的講話--科技推動國家癹展‧中港同賀十一國慶


23-9-28 Book sharing -- When Breath Becomes Air (Paul Kalanithi) by F6 Bernize Lin, Ella Wen


23-9-20 北京姊妹學校交流分享

  • Happy is the man who finds wisdom, the one who gains understanding! (Prv 3:13)
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