At the dawn of my green years, when all day golden dreams fill me.
What a joy is for me to hear, that this school is welcoming me.
It will nurture my mind and my heart, and fulfil my longing for knowledge.
A light will glow in my mind. A fire will inflame my heart.


My uniform motto and emblem, show the way that I have to run.
It's a long very difficult one, but I haven't to travel it alone.
Plenty of young friends enthusiastic, join with me in this path of life.
A light will glow in my mind. A fire will inflame my heart.


Many teachers stand on my side, to spur me with my parents join my guides.
So each day new learning enriches my mind, making life more useful and bright.
My school hopes that I can discover that Jesus is my real friend.
He will make me live in love and light. He will give me His eternal life.


For me too the ripe age will come, with heavier burden on my shoulders.
But one thing makes me feel at home, to remember my school and my friends.
This will give me strength and light to find my way thro' the dark of night.
Jesus, make me live in love and light, and give me your eternal life.

  • Lord, you have been our dwelling-place in all generations. (Psalms 90:1)
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