Fun Science Competition 20242024-03-02
Apply scientific knowledge to design and create a device that utilizes external fan power (for the lower grade group) or propulsion through balloon jetting (for the higher grade group) to travel on a sloped wooden track and reach the finish platform.
2nd Runner-up in MTR Metaverse Future Station Facility Creation Competition2023-10-23
F4 Fang Long, Jerry, and Lau Ming To, Sam, joined the MTR Metaverse Future Station Facility Creation Competition last summer. Based on the creativity and relevance of their submitted creative concept, they were shortlisted to participate in the VoxEdit Workshop. This workshop provided them with basic 3D computer modeling tools to aid in completing their competition entries. Their works were showcased at the award ceremony and in an exhibition at Popcorn. Here are their design concepts.
Award in Robotics Intelligence DIY 20232023-10-19
Our Robotics Club joint Robotics Intelligence DIY 2023 organized by Robotics Intelligence DIY Organizing Committee and got outstanding performance.
PolyU Engineering Project Competition 20232023-07-28
Congratulations! 2 Teams of our students participated in PolyU Engineering Project Competition 2023 in July 2023.
Award in Robofest Hong Kong UMC Senior2023-05-09
Our Robotics Club joint Robofest Hong Kong UMC Senior organized by Lawrence Technological University and got outstanding performance.
2021-2022 Project Learning2022-11-15
In 2021-2022, all the F2 students formed into groups to design products to cater the needs of different people.
Inquiry Based Learning Through STEAM – Economics2019-09-17
In July, four Economics students, F.5 Cheung Yee Lam, F.5 So Ming Ching, F.5 Wong Chun Ching and F.5 Wong Ho Ming joined the Shenzhen tour - ‘Inquiry Based Learning Through STEAM’ organized by the CUHK Business school. Students explored the new career paths, modes of learning and working brought about the development in economy, society and technology. Congratulations to Wong Chun Ching who was awarded with 2nd runner-up of the team presentation.
Safer Living 2.0 Exhibition2019-05-23
Cross-curricular Exhibition and STEM Workshop from 18-3-2019 to 22-3-2019. Co-organised by the Division Civil Engineering and Development Department and Valtorta College (Geography Department, Integrated Humanities Department, Liberal Studies Department, Information and Communication Technology Department)
Visit by the Chief Secretary for Administration and the Secretary for Innovative & Technology2018-12-07
It’s our great honour to have Mr. Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, the Chief Secretary for Administration and Mr. Nicholas W Yang, the Secretary for Innovation & Technology, to visit us on 7th December, 2018.
Air Pollution Monitoring Project2018-11-20
A group of Science Students ranging from F.3 to F.6 participated in the Project "Community EXPLORE: From Science to Action" organized by the Division of Environment and Sustainability of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. After training, students started to measure the air pollutants including ozone,nitrogen dioxide and black carbon to ppb level in Tai Po for a few months. It is quite challenging for our students to operate the very sophisticated apparatus installed in our school with the help of Professor Arthur P S LAU and his colleagues. Our students not only learn the methodology (Science) and the techniques of operating the apparatus (Technology and Engineering), but also publish and compare the results with other districts (Mathematics). This is one of our STEM projects. Two groups of students have made presentations of their results in the Science Museum in July 2018 and our school hall in November 2018 respectively. We would like to thank Professor Lau and his colleagues for their valuable support.
Robotics education programme of Tai Po Secondary Schools Network2018-07-11
Congratulations to our Robotics Club members who got outstanding performance in 校園創意機械人推廣教育計劃 – 中期成果展 by creating a Cocktail-Making Robot organized by Hong Kong Young Industrialists Council. The design of the set of Cocktail-Making Robot includes 3 parts, which is delivery, pouring and mixing & decoration. Through the competition, students become more creative and innovative. They have won 校園創意機械人推廣教育計劃 – 最佳創意獎.
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