The Life-wide Experiential Learning Day is an annual event that aims to provide students with valuable learning opportunities beyond the confines of the classroom. It seeks to enhance their knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values through a variety of engaging activities.

Students were offered a diverse range of activities tailored to meet their individual needs and interests.  To foster a sense of unity and camaraderie, class-based activities were organized for students in various forms. 

In addition, external organizations conducted programs to help students gain a deeper understanding of themselves. These programs allowed students to explore their personal strengths, interests, and aspirations, enabling them to develop a clearer sense of self-awareness. 

Furthermore, some events aimed to raise awareness about important social issues. Students received valuable messages on topics such as Chinese cultures and healthy lifestyles, which were delivered through engaging presentations and interactive sessions. 

Overall, the Life-wide Experiential Learning Day was a resounding success. Students thoroughly enjoyed the days, appreciating the relaxed and engaging atmosphere in which they were able to learn. They greatly valued the hands-on experiences and the sense of team spirit fostered by the event, recognizing the lasting impact it had on their personal and academic development.

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