Valtorta College, formerly known as Taipo Catholic Secondary School, opened in September, 1976. It is a subsidized Anglo-Chinese co-educational secondary school run by the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong in commemoration of Bishop Henry Valtorta.

        Bishop Valtorta, born on May 14, 1883, was consecrated Vicar Apostolic on June 13, 1926, and Bishop of Hong Kong on October 31, 1948. Bishop Valtorta passed away on September 3, 1951, having led the Church in Hong Kong for over twenty-five years.

        The years of Bishop Valtorta's episcopate included the harsh trial of war. Nevertheless, they were the primary years of buoyant development. On the educational side, four schools in Kowloon and five schools in Hong Kong were opened. Three hospitals were opened, providing medical as well as nursing services.

        From the beginning of his episcopate he showed himself eager to receive new orders and congregations into the Diocese. The expulsions from the Chinese mainland multiplied such opportunities. In his twenty-five years as bishop he welcomed at least sixteen orders and congregations and blessed their work.

        The great expansion came in Bishop Lawrence Bianchi's days but Bishop Valtorta had provided for that expansion.

        The Mission of Valtorta College is based on the values and love of Jesus Christ, to provide our students with an all-round education which includes the aspects of Virtue, Knowledge, Health, Community Spirit, Aesthetics and Spirituality.

        Throughout these years, our graduates show excellent performance in both academic results and conduct. They have never been disappointing their teachers and parents in promoting to universities or choosing their careers. Nevertheless, the development of an ideal school still needs the support from every party in the society.

  • 原來愛天主,就是遵行祂的誡命,而祂的誡命並不沉重。(若一 5:3)
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