Lumen Accende, Corda Inflamma




On the school badge, there are a book, a cross and some Latin words.
Lumen Accende refers to love, in which the word Lumen means the light of fire, and the word Accende means lighting. Studying hard can let us know more about the world. This is just like to light a fire glowing in our minds.
Moreover, Corda Inflamma refers to the cross. Cordameans our hearts, and Inflamma means inflaming. Knowledge encourages us to practise good deeds. This is just like a fire inflaming our hearts.
In conclusion, the meaning of these Latin words is our school's teaching direction and instruction - to actualize what we learn. We therefore encourage the students in many ways to be better and better in their moral beings. All of these are helpful and useful throughout their lives, and we hope they can contribute to society in the future.

  • Nothing is impossible for God.(Luke 1:37)
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