English Film Club

The English Film Club was established in 2011.  It provides a platform for movie-lovers to view different genres of films.  Students have the chance to explore and appreciate the world of films, learning different cultures, characters and ways of telling stories.  Through watching films, students are amused, provoked and uplifted.  By discussing the films that have been watched and writing film reviews, students can also develop their critical skills.

English Language Arts Club

The English Language Arts Club is the ultimate club for VC students looking to improve their confidence and to boost their oral English skills. Our activities are designed to give students exposure to aspects of Western culture like drama, popular music, film and poetry, but in a fun and practical medium that is not possible during regular English lessons. If you have an interest in increasing your confidence and enhancing your English skills, while also having fun and meeting new friends, then you should join this club.

Photography Club & Campus TV

VC Photography Club offers those interested in photography an opportunity to meet, share and learn. We will provide students with opportunities in photography in Cycle assemblies, Sports day and Speech day. By interacting with other members of the photography club, members can improve their skills in photography. We meet on Thursday after school at 4:00 p.m. in room D401.

Home Economics Club

The Home Economics Club is open to boys and girls and will meet on Friday evenings. We hold activities to enhance students'  interest in Home Economics and to develop their creativity. In the past few years, our club has held different kinds of cooking activities such as cake-making, bun-making, pastry-making, etc. Moreover, our members enjoy to take part in the cooking competitions held by other organizations.

Chinese Chess Club

Chinese chess is one of the popular games in Hong Kong. It is a mentally challenging game that develops students’ different abilities such as intelligence, decision making, concentration and perseverance. Though there are a lot of Chinese chess programs or forums available in the Internet, the best way to have fun is to play with other people face by face. Therefore, the aim of the Chinese Chess Club in VC is to gather a group of students who are interested in Chinese chess and to provide a platform for them to share different types of skills and strategies through competing with others. Meetings are held once a week.

Robotics Club

Robotics Club offers those interested in programming and electronic to share and learn. Students have the chance to learn robotics assembling and programming skills. Moreover, we will design robots for different tasks. Students in our club are encouraged to participate in external activities and competitions.

Drama Club

The VC Drama Club aims to help students who are interested in drama develop invaluable skills as director, actor, writer and backstage crew. Members will be challenged to push themselves to their full potential through a wide variety of fun activities and trainings that foster their confidence, self-expression, collaboration skills and problem solving skills.

  • “Whoever has a desire to be first among you, let him take the lowest place.” (Matthew20:27)
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