Concord Fortune Charity Fund 20192019-10-26
Congratulations to Ms. AU Hiu Ching (Class of 2019)! With her outstanding achievement in various areas, she was awarded the Concord Fortune Charity Fund 2019 on 26th October, 2019. The main focus of the Fund is to help underprivileged children to equip themselves through education and proper training so they can earn their living independently as well as make their contribution to society in the future.
To award students with excellent results in HKDSE
Woo Fung Miu Ling Scholarship2019-09-02
To award students with excellent results in HKDSE
Fr. Narciso Santinon Memorial Scholarship on Christian Values2019-07-12
To promote Christian values cherished by Fr. Santinon in Valtorta College, the School he founded.
Diana Leung Award in Histroy2019-05-25
To award students with remarkable external examination results in History
香港福建希望工程基金會 「楊自然、楊自順、吳天墅、劉輝峰、余毅」獎學金
2018 港富明德獎學金2018-10-24
The Award Ceremony of the Concord Fortune Charity Fund’s 2018 Scholarship was successfully held on 20th October, 2018. We are delighted that two of our graduates, Choi Lai Yuen and Fong King Yui were awarded the scholarships. They are awarded for a scholarship of $30000 for consecutive 4 years, in total $120000, if their academic standard and participation in social services meet the target in the coming years.
童夢慈善奬學金 (各人$5000)
HKICPA and HKABE Scholarship for BAFS2018-09-07
Valtorta College is pleased to announce that Xu Zening was awarded a Joint scholarship organized by Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA) and Hong Kong Association for Business Education Limited (HKABE).
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